Exercising under control

VOCALY thanks to the use of an intelligent AI Assistant makes sure that you exercise in a healthy meaning safe and effective way.

Personalized training

Vocaly analyzes your voice condition and plans a training tailored to your actual voice needs.

Corrections in real time

AI Assistant analyzes your voice while you’re doing an exercise and on the basis of your performance gives you tips on how to improve your technique.

Immediate feedback

After the training is completed you receive a report with voice statistics summing up your performance during the training. Thanks to the reports you can see your progress. You can share reports with other users e.g. your vocal coach.

Easy and fast access to exercises

You can train your voice wherever you are using a mobile iOS or Android app e.g. while doing a vocal warm-up before an outdoor concert.

Motivation to exercise regularly

VOCALY motivates you to exercise systematically. Regular exercise allows your voice to develop more effectively, so you start singing songs that you could only dream about sooner than you think!

Do you know what vocal exercises to do when there is no vocal coach around you?
When you exercise yourself, are you sure you are doing the exercise correctly?
Do you know how to correct your voice during exercising on your own in order to train your voice in a healthy and safe way?
Do you feel any discomfort after prolonged vocal effort, e.g. hoarseness after a concert?

If you sing, you probably face these challenges. We have a solution for that  - VOCALY.

The goal of VOCALY is to support you in your individual voice training, e.g. between sessions with a vocal coach, so that your voice develops healthy and fast.


Sign up for the waiting list. Thanks to this, you will use VOCALY for free for the first month and you may have a chance to participate in testing the app.

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Contact us

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Financing from the European Funds

Vocaly Pro Sp. z o.o. is carrying out the project co-financed by the European Funds “VOCALY - an application for healthy voice development based on artificial intelligence which can be used in learning to sing, speech therapy, phoniatrics and voice psychology.”

The aim of the project is to create the final version of the application and start selling on the European market, using a business model verified during incubation. 

The planned effects of the project are an artificial intelligence algorithm using an expert system, mobile and web application, the integration of these elements and thus the start of sales of VOCALY on the European market.

Project value: 1 309 354,00 PLN

Co-financing of the project from the EU: 999 502,25 PLN

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